5-7 double-spaced pages including references – A strong piece would cite at leas

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5-7 double-spaced pages including references
– A strong piece would cite at least 4 peer-reviewed sources and
at least 6 sources total including the class text where possible. (I will add the
class text after)
– To do this, you are invited to form and defend a position on
one of the following topics related to a particular issue in
– You may choose from the following list.

How should children be educated?
Develop an argument for why one of the following
approaches to teaching and learning should be prioritized and promoted in K-12
classrooms in Alberta:
Teaching and learning as building and
constructing foundational knowledge and skills
Teaching and learning as growth and adaptation
Teaching and learning as inquiry and discovery

In the wake of the Truth and Reconciliation
Commission on Indian Residential Schools (2015), Alberta education has
introduced curricular mandates making the history of residential schools,
Treaties, and the historical and contemporary contributions of Aboriginal
peoples to Canada a mandatory educational requirement for all K-12 students
(Call to Action 62.i). Develop an argument around how educators in Alberta,
including those that are non-Indigenous, can best realize this educational aim.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.
(2015). Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to action.
Retrieved from

should children learn?
Alberta Education has started work on a new
curriculum that over the next six years it
plans to implement for six core subject areas including arts, language arts,
studies, science, math, and health curricula. These new programs of studies
will focus
on conceptual understanding and will include the following three areas:
21st century competencies such as critical
thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and creativity
Literacy and numeracy across subjects and grades
First Nations, Métis and Inuit content and
Choosing one of these areas, develop an argument
around whether this should be a focus in K-12 classrooms in Alberta.
Alberta Education. (2016). Why change curriculum? Retrieved from

According to Hess (2005), many teachers are
unwilling to teach controversial topics in their classrooms due to concerns
that they will indoctrinate students with their own views, and that it
might lead to a negative reaction from parents and the community. Develop an
argument around whether teachers should address genuinely controversial issues
in their classrooms. Ensure to include a definition, along with examples around
what constitutes a controversial issue.

Hess, D. (2005). How do teachers’ political
views influence teaching about controversial issues? Social Education, 69, 47-48.
Retrieved from http://bit.ly/2mJRolS

Where should children learn?
Place-based education involves helping to engage
students with ecological, historical, cultural and other elements unique to the
locality where children and adolescents live. Develop an argument as to whether
placed-based education should be promoted in schools.

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