English Composition II Essay #1 “The Yellow Wallpaper” Character Analysis Assign

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English Composition II
Essay #1
“The Yellow Wallpaper”
Character Analysis
For your first essay, after closely reading and annotating “The Yellow Wallpaper” pdf and film attached, choose one character from this short story and write a character analysis (incorporate everything you have learned about character analysis and analysis). You may want to refer back to your previous video assignments to review this topic. Be sure to use in-text citations, signal phrases, and include a Works Cited page in MLA format at the end of your essay. Your entire essay should be in MLA format (See pp. 458-525 in Hacker for in-text citations, table of contents for citations, citation models and sample paper.)
Paragraph #1 Introduction: include general comments about the character and short story which lead you to your thesis statement. Be sure you have identified the author and title of the short story and the character you will be analyzing. Some questions you could address in your introduction include: 
Why did you pick this character? What do you like and/or dislike about this character? Do you identify with this character on any level? Do you know someone similar to him or her? Explain. Paragraphs #2 – #4 Body Paragraphs: include a topic sentence for each body paragraph which incorporates one character trait you chose to describe your character. Follow the topic sentence with evidence from the short story, e.g. examples that support your topic sentence and at least one direct quotation from the story in each body paragraph. Next, explain how your examples support your topic sentence, and conclude each body paragraph with a summarizing “clincher” sentence to wrap-up your ideas. Paragraph #5 Conclusion: restate your thesis statement and add some final thoughts about your character and/or the short story. Leave the reader in awe of your wisdom!

3-4 pages

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