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Quesition 1.
Personal Career Counseling Orientation
After your discussion with your site supervisor at the Riverbend City Counseling Center, you reflect on the career counseling theory that is most meaningful to you. Describe the career counseling theory that resonates with you. Highlight the aspects of the theory that align with your current understanding of career development. Provide a critique of the theory and how you will address its weaknesses.
Question 2
Career Workbook Assessment Reflection
After completing the Career Exploration Workbook – Looking Inward activities, reflect on your own career choices based on your assessment results. Your response should include your results and reflection on the following:
Jungian Personality Test (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator).
Big 5 Personality Theory Test.
Values Card Sort.
Interests Assessment.
Skills Assessment.
Discuss the insights that you have gained as a result of your self-assessment, including connections that you may not have previously made. Discuss how this has impacted your perception of career counseling as it relates to the students or clients you will be serving.

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