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I have attached a video (precious knowledge) that has to be watched and I have also attached readings.
Develop a paper 5 page paper that makes a coherent, sustained argument about what critical multiculturalism is and is not and what it looks like. You should draw on the video for examples as well as the readings and lectures to inform your understandings.
Use the prompts below that highlight some key ideas and concepts from the module to get you thinking about how to develop your paper. You can certainly address the questions in the development of your paper, but you should not simply respond to them as written below. Again, it should be an integrated, coherent paper that makes an argument as to what critical multicultural education entails and why.
How is what you notice in the video different from “managed care”?
Are the students becoming integrated or adapted, subjects or objects? How so? (Notice that before you can address this in your paper, you would need to explain it, as well as, perhaps, other notions such as conscientization, massification, etc. The need for such explanation and background work is necessary in most of these prompts.)
How does ideology manifest in the video? For whom and how does it lead to intransitivity?
If oppression requires institutional power, who is oppressed in the video and how is this oppression institutionalized?
Notice that there are white students in the classes in the video. What might Ignatiev say about that in relation to halting ones growth at whiteness? How does this speak to privilege?
Are both multiculturalism and antiracism present in the curriculum? How so?
Is your own school or was your own schooling experience “critical”?

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